All Nations Assembly of God

All nations Assembly of God

121 48th Ave SE Bismarck, ND 58504

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Connect with God Through Worship and Prayer

We were created for relationship with God.  It's who we are! The greatest way to experience that connection with Him is through worship and prayer.  Worship and prayer are a priority in our services and in our everyday lives.  We are committed to Spirit filled praise and worship that will bring people into the presence of God. 

The Bible is Our Guidebook for Living

The Bible is a road map; it's an instruction manual. We value the Bible because it is the Word of God given to us.  We work to make sure that we follow its instruction in the way we live our lives, and we make it the central focus of our teaching and ministry at All Nations Assembly of God. 

Every Person Matters to God

God loves people, all  people. If we love Him, every person would matter to us too. In all our efforts, plans and activities we desire to love people the way God does! Serving and healing the people of our community are foundational elements in the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and we are committed to following His example.

Resolve Conflict Biblically

If we really do love God and love people, that love should be evident when it is put to the test.  Because we know that words mean little if not accompanied by action, we focus on resolving conflict in a way that honors Scripture and reflects God's love. We are committed to ministry that teaches Christians to care for each other, develop friendships and share their lives.

Everything is Better in Teams

Just as we were created fro relationship with God, we were created for relationship with people.  Serving in the local church is one of the best ways to connect with people, and our church will be stronger and more effective when people work together.  People contributing their unique gifts and perspectives to fulfill God's purpose and agenda - that's life at its best!

We Must Build Healthy Families

We must build strong, healthy families!  We need strong marriages that stand the test of time.  We need to raise children who love their parents and are life-long followers of Jesus.  Growth must be a priority for our families.  We are committed to providing ministry that will strengthen marriages and families that will develop youth and children.